C10 celebrates everything Executive. In fact, we throw parties to that end.
We are an exclusive Executive event company that brings together top IT Leaders at unique and elite events throughout North America. C10 is your gateway to cultivating meaningful relationships that are free from the formalities of the corporate world. We strategically align IT Executives with trusted partners to uncover the person behind the Executive Title, fostering executive-level interaction.


C10 events are by invitation only. If you have not received an invitation, this doesn’t mean we don’t like you. this just means we need to add you to our guest list. Start the process by connecting with us so we can strategically align you with other IT leaders in the right way.


No two C10 events are the same. All of our events feature a professional athlete or a world-renowned chef that you will have the opportunity to meet. You will be able to take pictures and obtain celebrity autographs while mingling closely with top IT leaders.


We pride ourselves on uncovering your needs as an Executive, to provide strategy around meetings and to maximize time spent cultivating relationships that lead to success. We will intentionally collide you with trusted IT Partners for meaningful interactions.

Highlighting the Humanity that Underlies all Successful Business Relationships


The intangibles of truly getting to know your peers through strategic collaboration is an invaluable and often forgotten key to success. We offer various ways for you to cultivate these meaningful relationships. We do not open our events to just anyone, there is thoughtful strategy behind each guest list and the design of each event. This is what we like to call INTENTIONAL COLLISION.

Dinner Night

Our Executive Dinner Nights are quaint gatherings hosted by various IT Executives across the country either at their home or at a restaurant and feature a special celebrity guest. These smaller gatherings of about 10 Executives allow IT leaders and a guest to interact in an intimate setting to connect on a truly personal level.

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Family Night

Executive Family Night events are our largest events featuring professional athletes and 50 plus Executives in one room. Our marquee Family events are designed as “meet and greets” where Executives and their families can take pictures and obtain autographs with star athletes and celebrities.

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Custom Events

C10 Custom Events are unique to your organization’s needs. They are hand-crafted by you. We use your targeted sales list to unite Senior Level IT Leaders of your choosing for an exclusive, intimate event that promotes authentic, lasting relationships.

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Elite Program

The C10 Elite program strategically connects its sponsors with specific Executives. Our Elite Program expedites the executive relationship building process by leveraging relationships of trust that C10 has built over the past 10 years.

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How to Get Connected

1 Want to get on our GUEST LIST? Our private events are designed to maximize your business interests. If you are not a part of the C10 family, please connect with us.

2Have you received your private SPONSOR password for your specific event? Find your event and enter your password in order to register.

3Have you received an invite as a GUEST? Use your private password to register for your specific event. Welcome to the C10 Family!