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Beyond professional networking, it is C10’s mission to break down the barriers that delineate the Executive from the real person behind the Title. To understand our peers on a deeper level and to highlight the humanity that underlies all business relationships. A profound example from our recent Atlanta event exemplifies exactly for what C10 strives in our events. We felt compelled to share the following story as it serves as inspiration to continue to be the best we can both inside and outside of our corporate walls.

Michael Weinberg, Vice President of Global Hotel Solutions for InterContinental Hotel Group attended the C10 Atlanta Falcons event this November. He was not only thrilled to attend the event because his son was able to attend with him, but he knew that it would be an opportunity to procure signed footballs that he could utilize for a greater cause that is near to his heart: The Chrohns’ and Colitis Foundation. Upon meeting Robert Alford, star cornerback for the Atlanta Falcons, Mr. Weinberg learned that he suffers from Ulcerative Colitis himself and that his efforts were fortuitously aligned.

Mr. Weinberg and his son Aaron also both suffer from Ulcerative Colitis and were both diagnosed at very young ages. His son, now age thirteen, has positioned himself as an ambassador for the Foundation and serves as an inspiration to his father as well. Michael sits on the board as the President of the Atlanta Chapter and is dedicated to assist in finding a cure for the horrible disease. While at the C10 event, he was able to get multiple footballs signed by prominent players of the Atlanta Falcons, and anticipates that the footballs should raise anywhere from $1300 to $2000 each at the Foundations’ upcoming black tie fundraiser.

Another notable fundraising effort on the Weinberg’s behalf was a half marathon that Michael ran in his son’s honor, with Aaron as the “honored hero” of the event. Aaron spoke to over 500 runners and their families at the New Orleans event, proving that inspiration is not bound by age or experience, but sheer heart. The link is included here so you may be just as inspired as we were.

C10 is grateful to get to know our attendees beyond the realm of business. We are inspired every day by the opportunities to get to know our peers on a more human level. This is what we strive for and are so grateful we could share Mr. Weinberg’s story and hope that you do the same.

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