Super Bowl LII is being held in one of the most technologically advanced stadiums in the world. The 1.75 million square foot US Bank Stadium is technologically unique in terms of video, Wi-Fi capabilities, lighting, security, virtual reality and more. The design was created to deliver the ultimate fan experience, a goal they have blown well out of the water.

VIDEO: The US Bank Stadium has 2,000 HD flat-screen televisions and more than 25,000 square feet of high-quality HD video and ribbon boards throughout. Capping both end zones are two of the largest HD big screen televisions in the league. Designers placed them as close as possible to the field without being non-compliant with NFL regulations.

WI FI: With 1,300 Wi-Fi access points, the US Bank Stadium is designed to keep fans connected. Verizon equipped the stadium with enough bandwidth to support all 66,200 fans on their devices simultaneously. With retractable seating, the stadium can expand up to 70,000 seats, a scenario also planned for by Verizon by accommodating burstable bandwidth capabilities that can scale to larger events.

LIGHTING: The LED lighting is the first of its kind in a new NFL stadium. It can adjust color and temperatures and turn off and on quickly to allow for unique pre-game and halftime entertainment. LED lighting also provides natural and more uniform light, which improves the overall clarity of the playing surface. This creates a better stage for players and fans, both in the stadium and those watching on high-definition television. The lighting system is environmentally conscious too, as it is anticipated to consume 75 percent less energy than other stadiums.

SECURITY: The stadium has 65 16-megapixel cameras that have high enough quality for an operator to read large text on a fan’s t-shirt or sign. There are 300 additional Samsung cameras throughout the stadium concourses. The security control room includes video feeds, weather stations and the monitoring of 365 stadium doors. Facial recognition and drone technologies are a part of the scalable security design as well.

VR/APPS: The “Vikings Voyage” is a free fan space that takes patrons through the history of the Vikings through a virtual reality experience unlike anything else. The Vikings also developed a Stadium App, powered by VenueNext that allows users to receive team news, stats, podcasts, directions to the venue and helpful ways to navigate the stadium. The app also allows fans to purchase concessions from their seats so they may be picked up at an express window when play comes to a halt.


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